Need an upgrade for an older home-built PC

About two years ago I built a PC on a low-end budget. Over the years my graphics choice, A 5750, has proven to be a massive annoyance and regretful decision. I have enough money to buy a new PC, but before I get a chance to I want to see how a new NVDIA GTX 760 would do with my PC. ( I'm not %100 I'll get to build another since I'm about to graduate high school.)

Here are my Specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 970
RAM: Kingston 4GB & G. Skill Sniper @1600Mhz
Motherboard: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W
Case: Antec 300 Illusion
OS: Windows 7

I have added some RAM and got a different PSU over the years so I included them. My question is how bad will my bottleneck be? I've heard that AMD CPUs have a bad time dealing with newer graphics and tend to hold back on games. How bad will it be? I'm also wondering if I picked a good 760 card: EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked w/EVGA ACX Cooler. I'm hoping that the bottleneck will not be bad. Tell me if it's worth it to get the card or not. I'm open to any suggestions on a different card as long as it's not over $300.
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    You'd be fine, though you could also get a $30 CM Hyper 212Evo and OC the Phenom if it does seem to be bottlenecking

    760 is the best card in your budget range.
  2. Thank you, I'll consider it if my CPU does start to bottleneck.
  3. Yeah, I've seen benchmarks with a Phenom II 980 and a 680, and there wasn't a bottleneck. The 760 isn't quite as fast as a 680, but neither is a 970. You'll be fine. The suggestion for a Cpu cooler is solid though, and will help you extend the life of that processor a bit. When you finally upgrade the whole motherboard/cpu, you can reuse the same cooler, so it's something you'll want to buy anyways. And holy cow, a 950w PSU for that system? I'd expect to see a 950w in a system running dual Titans and a 3930k Cpu, wow. Nice Psu though, will last you a long, long time.
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