Do I need a gaming mouse/keyboard?

Hey guys. I recently built my new gaming pc, and am pretty happy with everything. However, when I play Skyrim, and I try to look around w/ my mouse, I notice lots of stuttering. Do you guys think this is a problem with the mouse? I am using a couple year old wireless dell mouse... Would a new mouse fix this issue? I am running at 1080p on ultra high settings w/ the high res texture pack. My gpu is sapphire's 7970 though, and no issues there. Ran it through 3dmark, and everything is fine. If you guys think I do need a new mouse/keyboard, recommendations are appreciated. Thanks all
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    Stuttering as in choppiness? That sounds like graphic lag, which on a 7970 shouldn't be happening, unless of course you either have something wrong with the system in terms of software (too much crap running in the background or a virus maybe) or you have the graphics settings turned up too high. Try lowering the graphics settings to High or Medium and see if it still happens. If it does, then it's most likely the mouse, which I would replace anyway since I hate wireless mice. But yeah, you should probably get a new mouse. A Razer Naga or Logitech G500 seems to be the mouse of choice for most gamers, but I usually go cheap on mice and just get something like a Microsoft 6000 Mouse.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried lowering quality and had nothing in the background but my web browser (and I'm running an i7 processor) so I shouldn't be having any issues there. And the lag only occurs when using the mouse to look around. If I'm moving via the keyboard, everything is silky smooth... I think this is definitely a mouse issue. If I do get a new mouse, I'm definitely going all the way on a gaming mouse. I'd like to keep it around $50, so is the logitech g500 good? Also, do you have any suggestions about gaming keyboards?
  3. The Logitech G500 is probably fine for that price range, but I honestly don't care for Logitech. Every Logitech device I've ever owned (which is about 5 or 6, various mice, headsets, and keyboards) have all had the wire break one way or another, and I'm not that rough on them. But the Logitech G500 is probably going to be your best bet in that price range, and you may have better luck with them than I have. As for a keyboard within that range, I'd go for a Microsoft Sidewinder x4. And I don't mean to sound like a Microsoft fanboy or anything, but I honestly have the best luck when dealing with Microsoft hardware. I've been using the same keyboard, mouse, and headset for about two years with absolutely no problems, and they're all pretty much the cheapest stuff you can get, and all Microsoft. (I have the Wired Desktop 400 kit keyboard and mouse [the mouse with discrete buttons as opposed to the ones that are just a solid part of the casing - the mice with just the one solid piece of plastic for the back casing and buttons feel weird to me when clicking, so I don't like mice with that kind of construction], and a Lifechat LX-3000 headset, and then of course a USB Xbox 360 controller. It's a very basic setup, but it works and it was cheap.)
  4. Short answer - yes

    More detailed answer: keyboard? For just singleplayer RPG games it really isn't necessary. You can have lots of fun and do all the essentials with a regular keyboard. Given that it is still ergonomic and comfortable to use. Remember wrist comfort is the most important thing with both these periphirals. I own 4 mice at the moment and only use 2 on my pc. The Razer Naga & Mamba.

    Mamba only for FPS games. (It's just personal preference & I find that switching mice often increases lifespan)

    So before you go and buy some keyboard that might be a waste of money, look at the Thermaltake Challenger pro (The cheap 1 around $50) Wait for a sale on Amizon or where-ever you buy from.

    It is a great keyboard with very little button sound (as opposed to the razer Deathstalker)

    I would highly recommend getting a comfortable mouse (do not be afraid to spend a little if you use your computer allot)

    As I mentioned previously hand comfort is the most important thing in gaming, followed by eye comfort, so rest your eyes (something I haven't done in years:pt1cable:)

    If you need suggestions look at the following brands for mice:

    Thermaltake (I recommend these also if you have big hands, they are super comfortable I have used Thermaltake peripherals since 2005)
    Logitech (they aren't that bad I have had good experience with them)
    Razer (I highly recommend these, they are very comfortable)

    Avoid Alienware peripherals (especially the mouse) It is comfortable yet it's wire's fibre goes apart for no reason and it is of inferior quality compared to other mice in the same price range ($60).

    For an RPG gamer I would also suggest getting a comfortable headset (if you don't have one) being aware of your surroundings helps.

    Good Luck mate :)
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Best Buy is selling the x3000 Wireless Mobile Mouse for $10 dollars right now. Would that be a good gaming mouse, or a waste of time? Don't want to get something that I'll want to replace immediately.
  6. This is a 24 hour deal guys, I'd really like your all's opinion before the deal ends.
  7. In3rt1a said:
    This is a 24 hour deal guys, I'd really like your all's opinion before the deal ends.

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about HP mice, but out of personal experience stick to the gaming peripheral leaders for best performance rather select a Roccat, Thermaltake, Razer (one of the older ones like the Deathadder if you don't want to spend allot), R.A.T. (if you're into that sort of thing), Steelseries or even the gaming version of Genius products are quite good (they have really increased quality compared to the last decade or so). BUT this is $10 mate I'd say go for it and if it's not that good as a gaming mouse well now you have a nice wireless mouse for browsing when you plug your pc into the TV and sit on the bed or couch :)

    8 reviews gave it 5 stars so it might be good.

    Then again those 8 people might only be casual gamers and not really into the online scene.

    Here is another link 3 stars (seems more accurate given the brand and price of the product),d.ZG4

    Go read a few good reviews on Youtube if you can

    Personally I'd recommend if you are not going to buy the Razer Mamba stay away from wireless gaming mice. Their response time will affect performance.
  8. Okay thanks for the advice. Ended up passing on the deal, I'll spend all my money one one quality mouse. Thanks all. :)
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