Is Dual 4GB GTX 770s good enough for ultra settings that will last,And won't burn out?

is it good enough for Crysis 3,Far Cry 3,Battlefield 3,Battlefield 4,Assasins creed series,Hitman Series,Dead Rising Trilogy.Batman Trilogy,And many more.remeber is Dual 4GB GTX 770s good enough for all those games including AAA games and games that are gonna come out later for ultra settings.Here is the Links.
Also if someone can tell me which is better will be great yes i know everything the same im just making sure i think one doesn't have SLI but if someone can confirm that will be great i'm probably gonna get the SLI one.
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    All GTX 770s offer SLI. The EVGA one is clocked slightly higher, but I'd choose the Gigabyte model over it. EVGA is Nvidia's #1 board seller, but it ain't worth that premium over the Gigabyte model. Get the Gigabyte model.
  2. yes.
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