What power supply ?

so im building my new built

i5 3570k ( 4.2 GHz )
asus maximus V formula
msi gtx 780TFIV
cm storm enforcer

i was thinking to go with seasonic 620 watts , but then i thought to go with TX650M

but, i may plan to do SLI after year or later & for that ill need a new psu
so what should i do ?

Thanks for reading !
Answer will be appreciated
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    For Sli GTX 780s? You will need a quality 850w unit.

    Any unit on this page would be a great choice. My personal choice would be the Seasonic X 850. Although I believe that XFX is the same model internally ( made by Seasonic like all XFX units ) and is cheaper. So it's probably the best value. The Corsair AX 850 is also a Seasonic X internally.,4&m=52,11,57,29,95,71,63,39
  2. ^+1
    Agree with anort3 above... :)
  3. Yes, more is better than just enough. Don't make the mistake I made. I bought a nice Seasonic 620, and it works great but I will not be able to SLI 770s without changing it out for a more powerful one. Spend $120 now instead of $80+ $120 later. I wasn't initially interested in SLI, because I had a bad taste in my mouth from AMD Crossfire years ago. Now I will have to buy another power supply if and when I choose to SLI.
  4. thx !!!!
  5. Glad to help! :)
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