200$ - 250$ pc build (video editing, Photoshop, net surfing,

hey guys!can you give me a budget build for video editing and photoshop.. not gonna play games just pure editing and net surfing...tnx!!

here i can get my parts:

or here:

tnx again!
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    This should give you a good idea on the parts you can get for 250+ (a bit more), and do you really want to build such a low budget pc, i know your not playing any games but still video edit and photoshop now a days require quite a bit of power, this pc wont get you by for a very long time.

    My actuall sugestion is that you save some more money and at least include another 150$ in there to get a better cpu/mobo/gpu combination so the pc last a few more years, but i mean thats really up to you, if your not going crazy on edit with adobe premiere or after effects i guess this should sufice for the time being. <- the build here none the less.
  2. tnx for your reply..yeah im not that crazy abot editing just basic editing will do..thus build is good tnx for your help!
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