Nvidia gtx 650 2gb vs ati 7770 1gb

i have i5 2500k with 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram and intel dh67cl motherboard and cooler master eilte 370 case with standard 420 watt psu (65% efficient )

i want to buy a gpu i have 4 options in my range





i have total budget of 20,000rs for psu+gpu

please from these 2 stores help me out which psu to buy

galaxy computer:

computer zone:

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  1. how well hd7770 will perform on 1080p as compared to the gtx 6502gb in 1080p
    specially for the new games which are coming
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    gtx650 does not have the power to properly utilise 2gb vram so there is no difference between 1gb and 2gb

    look the graph for crysis 2

    The gigabyte hd7770 does a lot better

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