New computer bought,asking old question again.Gaming card 180$

SO last question I wrote that which card should i buy.People say my processor not good and i should buy slow card.I make deal today,so i buy i7 920 computer with msi x58 board.They say it good to play game.

I want to buy more power graphic card.Computer man send me message, say buy 7870 DC2 is fast but my friends say buy sapphire 7870. They say sapphire is overclock so faster.What should i do?He also say nvidia card better and try to buy gtx 660.I say i always buy nvidia card ,now i buy ati card. But is gtx 660 more good?

Is the i7 920 go fast that i play all my gave in very high?

Again sorry for bad English. I understand it good,but cannot write good.
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    hd7870 is better than gtx660 in almost every cases after overclocking

    Both Asus and Sapphire are great brands for hd7870 but the Sapphire model is more popular and some say better overclocker.

    Personally, I prefer asus direct Cu II I have been using Asus for the past 3 years now and they are fantastic overclocker. My gtx670 is at 1346/7150mhz
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