SQL Server Performance in SAS 15K 16MB Cache vs SAS 15K 64MB Cache


I'm having this sort of existential problem into figuring if SQL Server needs, in terms of considering what would be the best performance scenario considering the use of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, with 60 to 70 users.
The matter at hands is in terms of comparison does anyone have an idea on this sort of scenario?


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    Can you please specify which drives you are considering? Typically with a cache size difference as large this the drives are of significantly different capacity. The greater the areal data density on the platters, the higher the sequential read/write performance. Random I/O varies from model to model and can only be determined by benchmarks.

    Also, as 15K drives tend to be low capacity (less than 600GB), a RAID is often used. The cache of your RAID controller will matter more the the cache of the individual drives. If you do not need enough space to require an array, consider using SSD(s). SSDs excel in random I/O which is handy for databases.
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