Which is the best Dual Titans,Dual 7970s,Or a AMD Radeon HD 7990?

Remember This is gaming wise.I kinda think Dual titans are the best but i don't know if someone can help me that will be great.I'm gonna be playing a lot of AAA games like GTA V,Watch Dogs,Battlefield 4,Battlefield 3,Batman Trilogy,And more AAA Games (Yes i know some of those games have specs yet).If someone can help me that will be great.Which GPU Runs smooth,Doesn't get a Hot a lot,And gets a lot FPS.
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  1. If you insist on spending the big money I would look at 2 x GTX780 too keep the price lower, the titan, although overpriced is the best 2 card configuration you can get.

    What resolution will you be using when playing games?

    Fixed it.
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    For purely gaming, dual 780's as spentshells says. Their gaming performance is within 3 frames higher or lower than titans depending on the title.

    As for staying cool... well neither of them are cool options :P but nvidia is almost always cooler than the AMD counterparts, and currently suffers less issues via SLI than Xfire

    That said, a single 780 can max out all the titles that currently have specs, at above 40 fps, so what frames are you requiring?
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