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Apologies if this has been answered before, but is it possible to use the SSD part of a hybrid drive as a separate partition?

I'd like to have the few second boot times of SSDs and use the HDD for bulk storing. I'm talking about a laptop so having a separate SSD and a HDD is not an option.

I believe hybrids use a caching software at operating system level, so it should be possible to disable it and expose the SSD partition right? (I have no experience with hybrids, so don't laugh...)

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    No, you can't do that. The "SSD part" of you hybrid disk is an automated one. The frequent apps that you use, like your OS, will be stored there. So just keep using your hybrid HDD for about 2weeks, then your OS will be stored there.
  2. I did some research and seems like you're right. What a shame, I really wanted to manually manage my high speed storage rather than let some software do it for me. Thanks anyway.
  3. Yes I know, but that's the point of a hybrid HDD. It's more durable than an SSD. :) I'd rather spend my money on a Hybrid than on an SSD.
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