1440p - SLI GTX 770 or 780

I will be gaming with one 1440p monitor and would like some assistance on choosing either SLI 770's or 780's. I have looked at some charts and not sure 780's would be worth the slight FPS they give. Now some games such as BF3 gain a 20 FPS over the 770's. One of my questions is that will this translate better with future game titles? Games that I am interested for the future is BF4 and Elder Scrolls for some examples.

If I go with 780's will my set up last longer then with 770's?

With a i5-3570 will I bottleneck with SLI 780's? Would it make more sense to go with i7-3770?

Does anyone out there have this setup and could give me real world pros or cons?

In a nutshell I am upgrading my CPU/MOBO and GPU's. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I had a recent post and apologize for creating a new one. Things changed =)

Thanks ahead of time!

Also - I currently have a 850W Power Supply, will this need to change in any of these hardware upgrades?
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  1. Any suggestions on power supply and on the CPU?
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