Need Advice on SAPPHIRE Vapor-X HD 7970 GHz 3GB and Intel i7 4770k

Hey everybody, I just wanted to know the following question to the following PC parts I would like to buy. (The motherboard is already in my PC)

1. Will the Graphics Card and CPU fir in this case?
2. Will the Graphics Card and CPU fit on this motherboard?
3. Is their enough Watt from the power Supply for these Parts?
4. Will there be any bottle necking?



Case -

Motherboard -

Power Supply -

Thanks for the Help everybody!
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  1. The 7970 Vapor-X will not fit. The internal space for that case is 10.6 inches, and the 7970 Vapor-X needs 11.2 inches.
  2. Can I remove the SSD case for it to fit?
  3. and if no, do you suggest another case?
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    Yes it will fit if you remove the HDD cage. It will give you ample space(~15.6in). I also have the same case and I can guarantee that you wont regret buying it.
  5. Thank you
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