Asus Maximus Extreme IV won't boot after cleaning

1 Year old computer wont boot.
Asus Maximus Extreme.
2600 k CPU
1000 watt Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold

Yesterday I blew out the dust with air in my computer. Now, it won't boot at all. I used another PSU unit and same problem occurs. I do have the 24 pin connector attached as well as the 8 pin connector to the MB. It won't boot with video cards removed also. No Debug Led's Lit up. Motherboard has power light on and Start Button Lit up. Hard drives are all unhooked.
Help thanks.
When I hit the start button Acts like it will boot but won't. Fans turn for a second then nothing. I have the air cooler off board now. When I hit start button the cpu seems to get warm to the touch too, but will not get hot.
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    Probably shoved something under the board that is conductive with the air. Take it out of the case and breadboard it and see if it works. If it does clean the case thoroughly and re-install. If it doesn't, you should still be in the warranty period and without any physical damage they will probably honor it.
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