Help! Windows 7 hangs at Welcome then BSOD! Safe mode also.

I'm running a Gigabyte Z68 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD.

I was just on the net when my Browser crashed and then my whole system. I pressed CTRL Alt Delete and it gave me a message about Memory and I couldn't go back to Windows as it the explorer bar wasn't there. I hit the Windows button to try to get it back and it threw up a few more error boxes at me. I pressed the reset button on my PC and it went to reboot. Except it didn't it got stuck on the welcome screen - then gave me the BSOD.

So I powered down my system, then off at the mains for around 15 minutes. When booting it back up here is the scary part, it tried to load from CD/DVD with Book Disk Failure. I've had this before, my previous OCZ SSD had gone into Panic Lock and bricked. This is how it happened before. However, at that time, the Windows load screen was never available, and neither the Welcome screen. This gives me some what hope the SSD isn't bricked.. But it could be. I have too many things on there I wish I had backed up to go through another OCZ SSD bricking.
I've gone into Safe mode and the same thing is true, except the actual loading circle literally freezes this time instead of spinning infinitely. BSOD is always the result, followed by a Boot Disk Failure.

Any ideas?

Update: Ok so I've tested the SSD in another computer, it loads up then goes off again.. Piece of ---- OCZ...

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  1. Did you try to run Memtest, since the error message was about memory?
  2. house70 said:
    Did you try to run Memtest, since the error message was about memory?

    Nah, I can see why you'd suggest that but everything is pointing to a Disk Failure. Seems that the SSD is now on the way out again. It's being found but not accessible after about 20 seconds. Pretty much explains why Windows starts to boot then crashes.
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    I'm guessing it's most likely a driver conflict somewhere. If you have your data backed up I'd suggest booting into safe mode and seeing if that works. If it does then you might want to try reformatting your drive and reinstalling Windows.
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