GA-Z87X-UD5H strange hibernate behavior


Sometimes when I command Windows to start hibernation, the screen will go black as usual, but all the fans, including cpu_fan and sys_fans, still stay on. The power LED stays on, and the HDDs keep making their characteristic humming sound. The LED code shown by the motherboard GA-Z87X-UD5H then is 00.

This usually happens if I choose hibernate after the computer has already waken from hibernation. Usually, the computer hibernates correctly the first time after a reboot.

When the computer doesn't hibernate correctly (as described in the first paragraph above) just pressing the power button, at least if I just press it a second and not for multiple seconds at a time, won't do anything. The reset button reboots my computer with a strange DOS screen with just a horizontal cursor as if it's looking for some input, but then after a few seconds it starts the OS normally.

I have already disconnected all external devices except the USB mouse and keyboard, and the DVI-connected monitor, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.
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    Is your power supply approved for Haswell's low-power states?
  2. ihog said:
    Is your power supply approved for Haswell's low-power states?

    Good suggestion, I wasn't aware that that might be an issue. According to EVGA, my 1000 G2 is Haswell-compatible:,23171.html
  3. I installed Gigabyte's own driver for the graphics card instead of Nvidia's. The problem seems to have been solved for now.
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