GTX 760 SLI vs 770 vs 780

So i just built a new computer with an i7-4770k, 700W psu, and a single GTX 760 SC at 1072 MHz (2gb).
Now my question is, for increased performance now and for down the road gaming (I intend on playing BF4 maxed settings on 1080i), is it best to buy another 760 for sli then upgrade once next couple of gen gpu's come out (8xx 9xx)... Or ditch the card i just bought and buy a 770, 780.
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  1. cheaper improvment would be to get a second 760 and sli them.
  2. As u have 1 760 so its better to sli 760. It will beat titan in most games in half of its price.
  3. Its cheaper (on short) to SLI it.
    But wait for next gen (8xx/9xxx) and buy that high end card. Reason is that once you get power shortage on 2 SLIed cards you cant do anything but buy better card (or 2 better cards if you will). But if you buy one better card and when this ones too weak SLI it you only have to spend for stronger two but not weaker two too.

    Hope you understand& it helps
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