Soundcard Midi connection help? (puzzled)


My Soundcard the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 as you can see it has MIDI IN and OUT, I have a USB Midi Keyboard (Piano) with a MIDI out, if i connect that too the Soundcard would that make it much more stable than USB as on USB it turns off and I have to turn it off and on again but then i have to restart the software too.

MIDISTART 3 this is my Keyboard.
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  1. sounds like a driver problem for the usb midi adapter, is only worth a try with the soundcard, the drivers are also probably a lot better also.
  2. I thought that but it does it on all Computers it is around 4 years old, and has been used nearly everyday so it could just be OLD and had it, but I am after a M-Audio 88es

    and the Soundcard is M-audio cause the drives are better :) Nothign against Creative ASUS or Realtek lol!
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