Intel Core i5-3570k or i5-4670k? Which should I select?

Greetings, experts. I have pretty much decided on what components to get for the new gaming-orientated system I'm building, the only thing that I'm having some doubts about is what CPU I should select (from the two in the title).
I'd decided to get the i5-3570k as it seems usable and reliable, but I heard that the i5-4670k is better while being similar. Is it worth it to spend the ten more pounds on the 4670, and will it perform noticeably (or at least a bit) better than the i5-3570k in games?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. It won't perform much better, only 10% and unless the 4670k is only 10bucks more I would just stay with the 3570k.

    I own a 4670k and it's not worth it if you have to spend alot more for it
  2. Will you notice a difference? Probably not. I would base my choice more on what my motherboard options and whether or not I needed the additional SATA 3.0 ports that Haswell offers.
  3. id say go for 3570k not much difference in performance and haswell runs a bit hotter
  4. Dont opt for a haswell over ivy
    1. Only 5-10% marginal increase in haswell from ivy
    2.haswell produces more heat than 6 core sandy bridge e processors so ivy cpu would b better overclocker
    3.there is no news that the 1150 socket would support further generation processors as broadwell would be bringin ddr4 most probably so it will be a new mobo

    I hope thats what u would all need to know
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    You wont notice much difference between the two, like what everyone has stated. Then there's the fact that the i5-3570K OCs like a champ. The Haswell chips do not OC really well and produce a lot of heat. With a cheap CM H212 Evo, you can get up to 4.5 GHz with the i5-3570K. Try doing that with the Haswell chip and you'll be needing a fire extinguisher soon. Of course I'm exaggerating but... you get the point. :lol:
  6. Thanks, everyone. In that case, I remain with the 3570 as my CPU option.
    I'm sorry I can't select all of your answers as "the solution", but since OC is quite important to me, I'll select jk_ventolero's. However, you were all really helpful, thank you for the swift response!
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