Crossfire 7950s over PCIE 3.0/2.0?

I'm looking at purchasing an asus 144hz monitor in the near future, in preparation for Battlefield 4.. I have a 7950oc running solo at present, and have my eye on a used second 7950oc which is going for a fairly good price, in order to increase my frames and make use of the monitor's 144hz. Of course I'd be looking at setting up a crossfire system, my problem is that my mainboard is a cheap MSI Z77A-G41 - having two 16x pcie ports albeit running at 3.0/2.0 respectively.

I've been reading that the performance hit of running the second card at 2.0 (4x) is around 15% - which I can live with I suppose, but having an i5 2500k I'm already concerned about micro-stuttering, is the clash of 4x/16x likely to accentuate this problem? Due to limitations in the MB design I will be limited to a CPU overclock of around 4.2ghz..

Purchasing the second 7950 at the reduced price will make it FAR more cost effective than selling the existing 7950 and buying a more powerful single card, and I'd rather (at this point) not go the route of throwing in a new motherboard if I can avoid it.. But will the final product of this build be useless for gaming, that is the question?
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  1. the 2500k isnt a problem, but the second card running at x4 will be. i feel like it would need to be x8 to make it worthwile.

    edit: ignore the thread i originally linked. it was old and wasnt as relevant as i originally thought
  2. Hmmm a lot of mixed opinions out there atm. But it seems with the release of the catalyst 13.8 drivers ATI are addressing some of those micro-stuttering issues.

    Still a far cheaper upgrade solution than selling/purchasing a single more powerful card that probably won't utilise a lot of the 120hz.. I'll leave a few days and wait to see what the consensus is on 13.8, if it looks stable I'll grab the card.. If the 4x restricts it too much I'll grab a new MB I suppose :S
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    You will have problems like this guy You'll need 2 8x lanes at 2.0 pcie to properly run it. This guy had that problem
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