Having some strange HDD issues - Could it be something else?

Hey there guys,

I'm having some strange issues with my HDD and I'm starting to wonder if it's possible that another component of my computer could be causing the problem? I don't want to ramble too much so I'll list the issues I've had in order of appearance.

About 1 month ago I began having an error message pop up that my hard drive was failing. I made a back up and made an OS disc from an ISO file and basically just waited for it to crash.

Approximately 3 weeks go by and everything seems fine expect for the error message. Finally, I start experiencing freezes and doing simple tasks like opening the browser become extremely sluggish. Restarts don't seem to fix it, so I figure the HDD has finally died and without much thought I pull it out of the computer and replace it with a similar Seagate 1TB that I've had in an old backup computer for a couple years.

This is where things get weird for me. The extra HDD is not new by any means, but it's hardly used and had zero issues prior to putting it into this particular computer. Now, almost immediately after installing it, I am experiencing a lot of the same issues as I had with the previous drive - stalling, extreme lag when trying to open the browser, and sometimes a complete freeze. Another weird symptom is that certain areas of the computer are more effected than others. For instance if I do a restart after it bogs down on me and immediately open a game, I can keep that game open for hours typically and nothing will happen. However, minimizing the game to use the browser for a short time will very likely cause the computer to bog down until you just can't do anything anymore - forcing a restart. I also had an issue earlier in the week where the mouse would stop moving, as if you just unplugged it from the computer, and then would work again after a few seconds. It would sometimes disappear from the screen periodically too. This problem hasn't happened lately, but that could also be because I have avoided being on the desktop since the computer seems to run into problems almost immediately.

I have had issues while in games as well (Twice it has failed to load a map and just hangs on the loading screen forever) but the frequency of error is much, much less than it is when I'm just on the desktop and doing basic tasks.

So what do you guys think? It seems weird to me that a perfectly good HDD starts getting similar problems to the one it replaced almost immediately after being installed into this computer. Is it possible that something else is going wrong internally causing this to happen? I was about to buy a new HDD, but I really don't want to replace it only to have the same problem arise and then have to start replacing other components. I have never experienced other components (Ram, processor, mobo, etc) dying so I'm not sure if these symptoms match or not. Is there some sort of test I can run to find out which component is causing the lag/freezes?

Thanks in advance for your time, and sorry if my post is a wall of text, just trying to be as descriptive as possible.
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