Need help for proper settings for wireless connection -arris and belkin

Hi, I'm having connection problems with my set-up and am not knowledgeable enough to find the right settings. Sometimes I get 150Mbps, but it's usually only 65Mbps, and for some reason, I lose all connection a lot. Windows then 'resets my wireless adapter' when I click troubleshoot.
How can I stop that from happening, and keep a steady, solid 150Mbps?

windows 7 home premium, dell i5-2320M
Arris TM602G/115 non-wireless modem?
Belkin N600 DB Wireless N+ Router
--model: F9K1102v1
Network Adapters:
-Dell Wireless 1502 802.11 b/g/n
-RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller (but this one ins't being used, I believe it's just the other one above being used.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. WiFi speeds depend on distance and interference. If you have walls and/or lots of distance between the laptop and the router, you will not see full speeds. If you have other wifi signals or interference on the same band (2.4 is used by a lot of devices, microwaves, cordless phones, other stuff), you will also see different speeds.

    Get the inSSIDer program, it will show you which channel is best to use in your area

    It's also available for smartphones/tablets which is how I usually use it.
  2. sorry I should have specified that it's NOT a distance/interference problem. The wireless router is literally about a foot and a half (if that) from the rear of my desktop computer. And my signal strength is always excellent. it's just this speed thing.
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    If you have the router that close, use a cable, solves any issues and is much faster. No interfernce issues. Still should test the speed on the system, using both connections.
  4. cable ruins things, only get 100 mbps as opposed to 150 mbps wifi, plus, with cable, call od duty port is closed n cant play
  5. Unless your internet connection is over 100mb, you are better off using a cable. You're trying to fix the WiFi speed, if you say it's 150 then it's good, but you said it changes and you lose connection. Sounds like either an issue with interference, the wifi hardware in the router or the wifi network card in the computer. The port should be open for both WiFi and ethernet unless you are using two different routers.

    100mb on ethernet that is stable is a lot better than 150 that does not work. And if you are just connecting to the internet, not doing internal file transfer, you are limited to the speeds of your internet connection.
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