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i was planning on getting a 4820k when they come out, and i was planning on getting a new cpu cooler. my case is a bitfenix colossus and i was wondering if i got the x40 or any other kind of closed loop cooler if i could mount it on the bottom intake near the front of the case or would this be a bad idea. i was hoping to overclock the cpu to 4.0ghz to begin with and maybe up it later.
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  1. why would you do that with an x40 - be better and utilizing normal airflow and heat convection to rear mount

    yes the colossus has a rear 140mount.

    x40 likely may struggle with cooling that chip full load at that OC - we don't know specs fully yet, but we know haswell is hotter than ivy.
  2. so what cooler would you recommend to overclock and yeah i guess that would make sense sorry i didn't know there was a rear 140
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    Tough to say being we don't know specs yet - left my crystal ball at the station :) If anything like current haswell, that case might be tough for AIO simply due to poor fan support - unless u mod out of course
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