Will a 3570K work on my MOBO?

I have an Asrock p67 pro 3 se motherboard. I was wondering if the i5 3570K will work with that or if I will have to get a new motherboard. If so do you have any recommendations on what I should get?
Or should I just go ahead and grab the haswell if I'm upgrading. Primary purpose of the build is for gaming.
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    It will work on p67 but there is no point of putting a k version overclockin cpu in non overclockin board
    Get 3570 instead of the 3570k and u r good to go
  2. Well as said above the CPU would work but you would not be able to overclock it in that board. As for Ivy Bridge vs Haswell that is up to you. Really there is very little difference in the performance between the two. It is mostly going to come down to price and witch ever one you can get for the lowest price. If you are not going to overclock then go for the i5 3570 non K version.
  3. The P67 chipset allows overclocking. You need to make sure that the mobo's bios is version P2.10, though, which will be difficult to do if you don't have a Sandy Bridge CPU to update the bios with.
  4. I have a Sandy bridge now so I could update the bios if need be. Would you guys recommend getting a new motherboard with a z77 chipset? (such as the Fatal1ty) I would like to overclock but it is not make or break in my decision.
  5. Ohkay
    I wud reccomend 3570
    But what cpu u currently have???
  6. Core i3 2100 Sandy Bridge
  7. Go for a 3570 if u r on a budget
    If u can spend ~300$ get a 3770 i7
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