What In a Video card Is Most Important?

Hey guys, I am looking for a deeper understanding of what contributes most to a gpu's graphical capabilities and performance? Maybe if I inquire by phrasing my question this way it may make more sense: What will make push the newer gpu's beyond what we have now? I thought before that it was vram and base clock speed but, if I recall, someone said memory bandwidth and memory bus is much more important. Can someone shed a bit more light on this for me? Thanks a lot.
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  1. they are all important.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    they are all important.

    Thanks. So you mean all equally important? Also, say you had a game that needed more than 3 gigs(say 3.5) in it's modded state. If you had a 3gig card, could you just overclock certain aspects of the card so you don't run into problems like stuttering, glitches, freezing, and crashing and such?
  3. No, since it will want to use more than 3 GB of VRAM and you just don't have it.
  4. avilash98 said:
    ♣)First I would say is the Band Width and clock speed.
    ddr3 is definitely outdated and then came GDDR3 and now GDDR5
    It is said that GDDR 3 is 2X times faster than a ddr3 and GDDR 5 is 2x Faster than a GDDR3.(w.r.t. data transfer)

    ♠)2nd is Clock speed. Atleast 1Ghz can be expected from GPUs now a days.

    ♦)Well you can't number them like first , second or third but I am just telling them in a random sequence. All are important depending on the uses.
    You may ask why quadro/Firepro series are so much costlier..than Gaming GPUs like Radeon HD 7XXX ot GTX 6XX/7XX etc..That's because those are for different purposes(workstations) and they will perform poorly in games than the cheaper GTX versions.
    So price is not everything.

    •)No of CUDAs also matters. And so does the bit rate like 128/256/384 etc.

    ◘)Yes,VRAm depends..If you are gaming on a 2560 X 1920 res then definitely 2 Gigs is somewhat a must for demanding games like Crysis 3/BF3 etc but if you are using a 1920 X 1080 res display then 2GB is enough.

    To put it simply more is the screen size more is the requirement for VRAM.

    That's mostly all..If you are not satisfied(likely to be) then visit other sites and research about it more.

    Thanks. Didn't know someone else was replying as I replied just now.
  5. ihog said:
    No, since it will want to use more than 3 GB of VRAM and you just don't have it.

    Thank you.
  6. One more question folks. The higher the speed of memory bandwidth, the better a card can take advantage of large amounts of vram(like 6gb?)
  7. Chip architecture is probably the single most important factor. Amount of ram, speed numbers and the like are all secondary to the main chip design.
  8. Well I have a SLI Gigabyte GTX 670 2gb setup and can say for sure that I have not had any problems with Skyrim on my i5 3570K setup. And I have some very high end mods in Skyrim so far I have not had any problems with it. I am running it at 5760x1080 Surround.
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    The reason every aspect is important is because everything is just a single factor in the whole equation which equals performance. First and foremost will be the gpu. This will already determine number of stream processors and for the most part, the bus width. Then this only leaves vram type, vram amount, and clocks.
  10. Thanks guys. I have no further questions. Take care
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