please can you tell me what is the proplem with my hard drive 500 giga?

i have 3 hard drives
1-hitachi 500 giga -spin up time 12 648 550

2- wd 1 tb 6941

3-wd 2tb 4200

why my hitachi spin up time is too big?
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    Nothing at all 12 ms spin up and read time usually means the drive platter is spinning at 5400 rpm.

    Where as you will find the two other drives will spin at 7200 rpm and access at about 8.9 ms.
  2. I believe that the raw WD spinup times are in milliseconds.

    However, Hitachi's SMART attributes often have several components.

    I'm assuming that the spinup time is 12648550, in which case the hexadecimal value is 0x00C10066.

    Notice that the number consists of two 16-bit parts, namely 0x00C1 (= 193 decimal) and 0x66 (= 102). Therefore the spinup times are a lot less than it would appear.
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