7970 Crossfire Setup Bottlenecking?

Hey Guys, Ok heres the Specs I'm Running

6x2gb ddr3 triple channel ram
2x 7970 Radeon OC/ghz edition 1050 MHz
MB: asustek P6X58D-E

According to AMD Catalyst Control Center my second card is off. I understand this is a powersaving feature until the second card is needed. I purchased these cards for Final Fantasy XIV coming out in 3 weeks. I am running their benchmarking software in full screen max settings 1920x1200. I am seeing a reduction in performance with the second card. I don't see it activating when I run the benchmark.
Any Suggestions?
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    How do other games run? I dont think the new ffxiv benchmark supports crossfire yet.
  2. Oh damn Ok Let me take a look, Thanks
  3. Yep Great improvement. About a 75% gain on Dayz framerate, Thanks Sooth1
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