Graphics Card Gets Fuzzy Screen when I Install It.

I tried it on many monitors including my tv. All at 1080p. I have a 500w psu with a fx 8350 cpu, 8gb 1866mhz ram, asus m5a78m-l/usb3 motherboard and a His cool and quiet turbo edition amd 7870. My integrated graphics looks fine but when I switch to my pci-e graphics card and it gets blurred lines and static all over the screen. Im fifteen and this is my first build so its quite frustrating. My onboard card is a amd 760G, if that matters. I have a few theories...
1. not enough watt psu.
2. my .net framework isnt recognized by anything even though it says I have 4.0 installed.
3. my graphics card is non compatible.
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  1. Did you install the latest drivers before installing the card - and I mean the latest, not the ones on the CD that came with the card... also what's the model of your PSU, it may be '500W' but that might be the peak, continuous may only be 350+.....those are first thoughts anyway
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    the lines are produced from fault pci-e slot, GFX card, or insecure fit on the vga to dvi-i etc.

    Just make sure your graphics card is securely seated with no dust. Then securely plug the vga into the graphics card tightening the side knobs together slowly until tight.
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