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Hi guys,

I've recently stepped into the water cooling world. I'm thinking of adding a water block to my gpu in the near future. I have an MSI 7950 Twin Frozr iii with a 6+8 pin power connector. I've looked on the forums and the pcb could either be a 7950 or 7970 design...

Cheers Gav
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  2. patrick47018 said:

    Hi Patrick,

    You're sure my 7950 has a 7950 PCB and not a 7970 PCB??? I know some of the 7950's with 6+8 pin power had the 7970 PCB design.

    Many thanks Gavin
  3. I see now, they used the 7970 PCB in the 7950 OC version, is that what you have?
  4. Actually yes, you are correct, my bad, the MSI 7950 with the 8+6 pin power is the 7970 PCB. So you will need this
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