Need help 7870XT or GTX 760OC FutureProof ?

Which one Could hold me at max setting for at least 3 years @1080p ...
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  1. Whichever one is faster in the present, i.e. the GTX 760.
  2. Agree with both previous posters. Neither card will make it 3 years with new games on full settings, and the 760 is going to perform faster than the XT.
  3. BigMack70 said:
    Neither of those cards will last 3 years at max settings at 1080p for all games. There's a game out already that those cards cannot really max (Crysis 3).

    And yeah, the 760 is the better card.

    okai which one is future proof and what about GTX770
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Nothing is future proof. No card out there is likely to run games at max settings for 3 years.

    The best (single GPU) card you could buy 3 years ago was the 580, and it cannot play demanding games today at max settings.

    Buy what you want for games that are out right now, and then upgrade in the future when it no longer does what you want.

    Okai ... thanx a lot .. but could u tell the different percentage between GTX 760OC and the HD 7870XT
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