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can you install a laptop graphics card in to a laptop with Integrated Intel HD Graphics

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August 6, 2013 6:50:50 PM

In general, no, unless the laptop was designed as a gaming laptop (but in that case it wouldn't have Intel HD graphics)

Most laptops do not use discrete graphics cards, rather using graphics integrated into the MOBO or CPU package. I've never heard of a laptop coming with a graphics expansion slot that wasn't occupied in the default configuration, though.
August 6, 2013 6:59:09 PM

There isn't really a way to upgrade laptop graphics. The intergrated graphics chip is placed directly on the motherboard is included with the CPU and is impossible to replace without getting a whole new gaming motherboard, which would present itself with a whole new set of problems (new case, power, the list goes on and on) Only possibility would be a gaming laptop which would be running a nice graphics chip to start. In short, it is not possible to do.

--- Edit ---
Was corrected, forgot that people are using much newer laptops than the ones I use :) 
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a b D Laptop
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August 6, 2013 7:07:53 PM

In modern laptops, the integrated graphics chip is in the processor, not on the motherboard.

In laptops which have discrete graphics, the chip is generally soldered to the motherboard in a BGA mount. They require expensive equipment and skilled technicians to change. Some larger and more serious gaming laptops had/have socketed graphics cards, but they are rather rare. Moreover, your BIOS is most likely configured to only accept what you currently have.

In short, no, it is not feasible to change your GPU.
August 6, 2013 7:23:50 PM

It will not be possible to add a gpu to your laptop. However, it is possible to add an egpu. If you google egpu it will come up with some very good information about it. While adding an egpu is possible it can be will cost 100-200 dollars for the setup and another 200 dollars for a decent gpu. If you are set on getting more performance in a laptop, I would sell your laptop and get a new one with a discrete gpu.