All devices in home can connect to the internet and load web pages, wxcept my Windows 7 desktop.

I just came back from a one month vacation. Before I left on vacation, I could connect to the internet fine and browse the web normally. Nobody touched the computer while I was gone, and when i came back, my laptop and itouch connected to the internet and could browse web pages, but my windows 7 desktop was unable to. I have no idea what is going on as this is the first time this has happened. Please help!
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  1. Hello... 1) first thing is cable/connection check... try a diiferent cable? 2) Check your device manager for un-happy hardware or driver for your network card. 3) Do you have automatic upgrades turned on? Did microsoft download a new/bad driver for your network card? 4) Was there ligtning in your area while you were away?
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    You will have to do some basic troubleshooting.
    It may be a SOFTWARE GLITCH or a hardware glitch.

    Hardware issues:
    1. Defective ethernet cable
    2. Ethernet chip (on motherboard) defective.

    Sometimes a power surge can wreck things, but we'll likely never know. Basically you have to swap parts or prove components.

    1. Hook your laptop to the ETHERNET cable that the PC used. Set it to use that and NOT the wireless network. If that works, your problem is inside your desktop PC.

    2. Reinstall the Ethernet driver software (your exact motherboard)

    Still stuck?
    If you've proved the ethernet cable works (thus proving the modem/router as well) thus proving the desktop PC and software reinstall of Ethernet drivers don't help it may be the Ethernet chip is damaged.

    At this point, I recommend buying either a PCI/PCIe or wi-fi adapter for about $30. Turn off your LAN in the motherboard BIOS since if it's damaged you don't want that on.

    I hope this helps a bit.
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