Just how much faster IS PC3-12800 vs PC3-10600 in real world applications?

I understand that PC3-12800 has a faster data rate (1600MT/s) while PC3-10600 is 1333MT/s. One's faster than the other. I get it. But in what application could you notice a speed difference?

Has anyone published some results of two identical machines with the different modules doing real world things like video rendering or something?
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    A lot also depends on the CL of the sticks (CL basically is how many clockcycles it takes to perform and action)....if both are CL9 the 1600 sticks will be doing better to the degree of the bandwidth, if the 1333 are CL8 they are relatively equal the bandwith advantage xed out by the faster response of the CL8 on the 1333, if the 1333 are CL& then the 1333 sticks will outperform te 1600 - much the same is true in reverse if 1333/9 goes against 1600/8 much bigger difference and 16007 even more, however with low freq sticks like these will 'see' little diff unless into imaging, video, CAD, things with large data sets, etc
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