PC starts automatically when plugged in and gets shut down after some time

My desktop was working fine till yesterday but suddenly it logged off. When I tried to start it again it started but shut down again after some time. This is now happening continuously. The PC starts automatically when I plug in.

I tried to swap the POWER and RESET switch on the motherboard but that did not work. Finally I used a screwdriver to short and my PC started working. But I don't want to use a screwdriver everytime to start my PC.PSU is working fine.It seems that problem is with CPU's start button and POWER,RESET switch.

Can anybody suggest me how can I start my PC using POWER and RESET switch?
I have a PC with an Intel motherboard
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    sounds like maybe the physical wiring to the button itself, if you can short it manually and it works, but the button kills it, contact the case manufacturer and request a new button assembly, i've had to do it before and they usually just send it to you free.
  2. Thank you for your reply.I kept only POWER pin connected and removed RESET pin.Then I pulled out POWER wire little bit and switched on my PC and magic!!!Pc started working fine. :-)
  3. Glad to hear it, for how important all that wiring is, it's funny how flimsy and low quality the manufacturers make it.
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