Which CPU is best for an HP dc5100mt? (775 socket / Intel 915GV Mobo)

I've been researching this subject all day, but I'm still not quite sure... I have an HP dc5100mt with a 3.2 single core P4 cpu. The motherboard is an Intel 915GV. I've been seeing these 775 chips for under $10! So, which one is best? Is there a list somewhere that shows which will fit and which won't? And... if you also have some good info about a decent QUIET 775 fan on the CHEAP, that would be great too. Thanks!
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    A search on the chipset got me to a list of supported processors:

    It looks like a 3.8 GHz P4 is the best you can get, i see one for $17 on eBay right now, make sure your board will take prescott P4's though, they're different from Northwood and other generations.
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