Which case should I buy? A NZXT Phantom, or Bitfenix Colossus?

Hey all!

I'm upgrading my PC (big time), and I think I'm ready for a new case. Right now I'm using a Lexa S Mid Tower, which ain't bad, but I'm anxious for something better. I've done a lot of searching around, and so far I'm stuck between a few NZXT Phantom Models, and a few Bitfenix Colossus Models. I don't SLI, but I would like to have freedom to do so if I desired. Anyways, which would you choose?





I'd like whatever I purchase to hold me over for a good 4 years or so. I'm more aesthetically pleased by the BitFenix cases, but the NZXT cases are definitely more on the affordable side.
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  1. The two Colossus are the same, but the is best
  2. Personally, id buy the $500R ... its got better reviews .... $140 MSRP, now at $70 for the Black..... yesterday white was $70 ..... they switch off about every other week.

    Combos w/ PSU save even more
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    I personally have a NZXT phantom 820 which is huge and you probably don't need that, but my friends have other versions of the phantom and they all absolutely love them, no problems what so ever, incredible compatibility, looks beautiful I can safely highly recommend it, hope this helped
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