Simple question regarding SLI - different fabricators a non-issue?

I reckon this is a question that is quite obvious and easily answered, but I need to be completely sure.

I plan on purchasing two GeForce GTX 770 graphic cards. They are bought seperately. One is labeled is EVGA and the other is labeled as PNY. I will be able to run these in SLI without issues, right?
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    Yes, you won't encounter any issues, if one of the cards is overclocked or if both are OC'd but at different numbers, you need to sync them and bring them both to the same core and memory speeds.
  2. In cases like this, the main difference is brands is coolers and clock speeds. Coolers have no affect on sli other than temps, and clock speeds are reduced to the lowest card, to make it even. If one has a higher clock speed it will run slightly, and i mean slightly, less effective to match the lesser card, but it wont affect the sli overall. I would be like have 2 identical cards in the long run.
  3. Alright, I see. It sort of makes sense, I guess. Thanks for the help to both of you!
  4. You're welcome, if you ever need any advice or need help with overclocking your GPU, let me know, I'll be happy to help you out.
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