How well can a Define R4 case cool SLI configuration?

I just have a question on the fractal design define R4 case.

My question is how well can the airflow in this case be able to cool SLI setup of gtx 760?

I know it is meant to be a quiet case but for airflow, how well will it be able to cool a dual GPU setup?

I'm mainly talking about the windowed side panel version by the way.

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    If u dont have the case and i wud not suggest buying that case a storm scout 2 or corsair 500r are much better options
  2. Hi Bingaloman, i'm very interested in the final answer of this thread because im in the same situation. my new rig will be getting sli Gtx 760's and im not sure whether to buy either a:

    Fractal Define R4
    Corsair 500R
    TT Chaser MK-I

    So for Sn1992 where do u base your opinion on because ive seen alot of threads that state the R4 has better cooling.
  3. i got a grreat full tower case deal for u both

    Case: NZXT Phantom (White) ATX Full Tower Case ($79.99 @ Newegg)
  4. I actually decided to go with a 500R after researching it after reading the suggestion from Sn1992.

  5. Great choice mate
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