Will The Lack Of PhysX Be Noticed When Using AMD Video Cards?

I was considering buying AMD video cards
and immediately thought about this.
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    to be honest its nothing majorly lost seeing as games only add extra effects with it since they cannot do major enhancements to games using it for compatibility reasons.
  2. I played a lot of games that used PhysX on consoles and never really noticed it. For example: When I saw the Borderlands 2 trailer utilizing PhysX I felt a bit dissapointed that it would be only available on PC but when I ended playing Borderlands 2 on my Xbox I never noticed it. (somewhat of a poor example but that's what I got). You aren't going to notice it unless you want to.
  3. if you dont know what your missing, then no, your not going to miss it. You can always run physx effects on CPU, although it will only run well with a really fast cpu and with physx settings on low. There are plenty of youtube vids demonstrating games with physx on and off.
  4. if you want to use physx you'll have to buy a high-end videocard and to have a strong cpu. in some games you notice the physx, in some, you don't. you could search on youtube games like batman arkham city, borderlands 2, mafia 2, these are some of the titles that you really see it. in deadpool for ex, I didn't notice anything.
    for the rest of the world, there is havok and it runs on anything. amd nvidia etc...
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