Affordable gaming laptop question and comparison. The AMD or Intel. "Links of the laptops inside " !!

So my old laptop died, a compaq presario cq50-110US. Had it for 4 years and it served me pretty well aside from the overheating issue.
So I have around 500 to spend and did some searching and came across these.

From the intel side

Now I am not the most computer savy person so I needed some advice on which is a better buy.

I play Eve online and will try my hand in Battle Field 3 and a few newer games. Question is, what is better for what I am looking for?

I know the Intel is similar on the single core clock speed, while only having 2 cores, but a slower turbo speed. It does come with a dedicated GC.

The AMD is quad core with same 2.5 ghz rating but i have read intel is a little faster. Though the AMD comes with a shared Gcard, upon looking at notebook check, it is actually still a little better than the dedicated card according to Notebook check site.

I prefer to have windows 7 because I hate 8 but do have a copy of 7 i can put on the AMD.

Opinions would be great. No fan boy folks postings about intel or AMD sucks. I have always ran with AMD but I am open to intel if this one is really better.

Thanks !
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  2. Well i posted this a little bit ago, I actually ended up getting a Dell XPS with an I5-2410m processor 2.3 ghz and turbo to 2.7 i think it was.
    8 gigs of ram and dual graphics card, HD 3000 and Nividia GeForce 540m. Fond it on craigslist for 400.

    I made out pretty well. Laptop was in perfect condition and came with a built in sub woofer.
    Quite please =)
  3. Okay. Good to hear.
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