ECS H61h2-m2 computer wont get past post after Ivy Bridge bios flash

Hi so i have a H61h2-m2 I did a bios upgrade in order to use 3rd gen intel processors (Ivy Bridge). I followed all instructions on the site. Dled new bios, capped me_unlock on motherboard, did bios upgrade without problems and after computer shutdown, I cleared cmos. The problem I am having now is that when I turn on the computer it does not give me the message CMOS SETTINGS WRONG nor does it let me access bios like it should, as per the bios upgrade instructions. The computer just sits in the post screen and after about 15 seconds resets over and over again. I cannot access BIOS.

I have some theories:

1) Bad Flash, in which case do i have any options?

and the one I am hoping is that:

2) My motherboard is now only compatible with Ivy Bridge processors and Sandy Bridge will not run, which what i currently have in the computer (Ivy bridge cpu arrives next week)

However the site clearly says that this bios update makes the motherboard compatible with both.

Any ideas ? Thank you for the help
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  1. can anyone help?
  2. Hello Ottomanian. Can you fix the mother? I have the same model of ecs....Do you recomend me, "dont upgrade to i5" ? (now, my mother work with a i3 2100....But to use a big one micro, i need flash bios.
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