Will a 1 Or 2 AMD Radeon HD 7990 and a AMD FX 8350 Overclocked to 5Ghz or 5.3Ghz Good?

Is these 2 Parts good enough for Battlefield 3,Battlfield 4,Hitman Series,Resident Evil Series,Crysis Series,Grand Theft Auto Series,Assasins Creed Series,Medal of honor Series,Batman Trilogy,Tomb Raider,And The Elder Scrolls Series On 2560x1440 on Ultra Settings?Is these parts good for all those AAA Games and All of todays AAA Games on ultra settings?If someone can tell me that will be great?If not can someone tell me a better GPU that will put those games on ultra settings,run smooth,run on 2560x1440,And to where it won't get so hot to where it will burn out?And if the AMD FX 8350 cant run these games on ultra settings can someone tell me a better CPU that will Run Smoothly,can run on 2560x1440,run those games on ultra settings,And won't get so hot to where they can burn out?almost forgot will these 2 parts last a while (Future wise.By that i mean will the ultra settings maybe last a couple of years).
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    The AMD Radeon is the absolute most powerful graphics card every created at this point in time. If it won't play a game with max everything by itself, nothing will.
    You would probably be better with two AMD Radeon 7970 GHz edition cards in crossfire tough. The 7990 is the most powerful graphics card by itself, but two 7970 GHz edition cards would cost around the same and perform a little bit better.
    Since these cards are either the most powerful, or almost the most powerful, they will last the longest. They will get hot, but thy will not burn out. They are made in a way that its expected they would get hot.

    As or the FX 8350, I don't know if you can quite overclock it to 5Ghz, maybe with a water cooling you may get there, but I am not sure. The FX 8350 is plenty powerful and can run al of these fine as well. It is less future proof though. The next series of CPU's from AMD will be out at the end of this year, and they will be a big step up and will last a lot longer. I personally would stick with AMD and wait until this winter to get the next series of CPU's from AMD.

    Getting an Intel i7-4770k in all honest will perform a lot better than the FX 8350. It uses less power, and will perform better on pretty much all applications. I personally do not like Intel a lot though so I would stick with AMD, but even tough I do like AMD more it is still true the i7-4770k will last lot longer and perform better.
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