Cmos Fail, PC turns of periodicly

i have just bought a biostar motherboard and put all of the components in and i am getting a cmos fail message on boot and the computer keeps turning off, what can i do to resolve this my computer specs are

motherboard - Biostar TA970
CPU - AMD FX unlocked black edition AM3+ socket
RAM - Kingston 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
PSU - ARTIC Blue+ 850w
GPU - EVGA Geforce 650
HDD - Samsung 320gb HDD
Hitachi 1TB HDD
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    1)check that the cmos is not in the cleared position

    2)While you are at it reset the cmos

    3) Remove the battery and turn on the computer, what happens?

    4) Can you enter bios? If so reset the bios and save

    5) Check all connections (meaning reconnect everything)

    6) If all the above fail RMA the motherboard
  2. i was not paying attention and didn't think to reset the settings sooner just reset them and no error installing windows 8 now with no problems thanks for the help, its much appreciated
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