Gtx 670 HIGH TEMP !!

I have a Gigabyte GTX 670 OC edition 2 GB

i was wondering from my temps of that card, i can't tell for sure if it's natural or not

I'm getting as Idle without any overclocking 36~37 C

While I'm accessing Photoshop as full memory usage, I get 40~42 C

In gaming it varies, old games like Gears of wars , temp don't go over 46 C

GTA IV temp reaches 64 C

LA Noire temp reaches 55 C

Tomb Raider 213 temp reaches 62 C

Crysis 3 temp reaches 70 C !!

All of those games are Maxed out in graphics.

So i was wondering, if this is normal, taking in considerations that i'm having an NZXT Lexa S case, with a good cooling airflow

Thx :)
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    Those temps are fine. You can try lowering them by using a custom fan map. The drawback to that is fan noise. The max temp you want to see it hit is 79c as at 80c the card starts throttling down. Nvidia says that the card is safe up to 97c though.
  2. ^^This^^

    My MSI GTX670 OC 2GB (same reference card, different cooler) runs at around 35C when idle, pushes up to 70-75C when under heavy stress. Never seems to go above 80 so not noticed any throttling. I wouldn't worry too much. The Rivatuner/Afterburner stock fan profiles seem to be most effective at keeping noise to a minimum because they dont ramp up the fans until they hit around 65C+, which means the card will just continually heat up until it hits that point, then levels out.
  3. up to 70 is ok although just try see if anything you can do to improve airflow will help drop the temps a little.
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