Basic Routing: Block 2 networks from seeing each other

Hi everyone.

I got this tp-link router which has 4 [W]LAN ports + 1 WAN port.

I have one network connected to the LAN and another one on the WAN:


I want to block these netwoks from seeing each other without blocking the internet coming from

How can I do it?

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  1. they should not be able to see each other anyway as they are in different ip ranges.

    the routing only occurs between the internal crossbar (between the wireless and switch) and the modem so two different ip networks should not see each-other on the same network unless the routing is earlier in this modem.
  2. Here's the Router's routing table:

    1 WAN
    2 LAN & WLAN
    3 WAN

    Teorically, I'was not supposed to access \\ from but I do.

    Basically, I need the router to forward ONLY internet from to

    If I type \\ (windows) I can see the shared folders
  3. see if there is an option for bridge interfacing and basically remove wireless from it, this should basically keep the ethernet ports seperate from the wireless.

    on my own router i have radio buttons that i enable to allow devices on specific ports to communicate with other ports or the wireless.
  4. Did it. I had to add access rules. By default it allow any to any.

    Strange thing Windows will access the remote PC by typing \\<IP ADDRESS> but if I try \\<COMPUTERNAME> it won't find it. Is that because the remote computer is in a different workgroup?
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    its because the DNS service will be looking in the ip range the computer is in so it will not find it.
  6. Thanks Mauller
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