How to add Program Files to new hard drive

I just got a new hard drive, and am trying to download steam games and such on the new hard drive, but steam and all other things give me an error saying basically that it can't be the drive root. So, it sounds like I need to have Program Files and Program Files (x86) on the new hard drive to download anything, but I have no idea how to add those files.
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  1. You don't say what OS you're running. If it's Windows the program files directory should be created as part of the install process.
  2. You can redirect where programs install from now on by changing a few registry keys. Use the registry editor (open it by typing regedit in the start button program search box).

    Find this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion and then double click on the folder that is labeled CurrentVersion -- there are two keys to the right ProgramFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir (x86) that you can change to a different drive. You will see that the default is C:\ and you can change that part to a different drive, like D:\ but leaving the file name the same.
  3. OK, I am running Windows 7, and the program files were not created, windows says there's a hard drive there and lets me put stuff in it, but no program files for downloading things. Also, tried the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE thing, but after I clicked that there was no microsoft folder for me to click, so I couldn't continue the process.
  4. Nvm, found it, and I want to have program files on both of my hard drives, so moving it off one won't help, I want to copy it onto the other or however I can to add a program files to the second hard drive.
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    In W7 the Program Files folder is located in the root directory of the "C" drive. If it's not there I would re-install W7 because something is very wrong. You can make a new folder anywhere you wish by right clicking the directory where you want the new folder to be and selecting "new" from the pop up menu that appears. Give your new folder a name and click enter. If you're doing this for backup purposes I suggest you use a backup program instead of copying files manually. W7 has a backup facility built in but there are many others both free and not free. Making a copy of the Program Files folder will not install those programs.
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