Looking for Gaming CPU- Intel I5-3350P OR AMD FX-8320 Vishera

As title explains, after a lot of research into how I want to build my comp, I've narrowed down my cpu choice to these two.
Intel I5-3350P LINK
AMD FX-8320 Vishera LINK

I've narrowed down these two based on terms of performance and price. Now all that I want to know is which of the two are better at playing the most modern games?

P.S. does anyone know how much of a performance increase these processors are over an AMD Athlon X4 640 @3.0 GHz??? (which is the processor I'm currently using)

-Thank You
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  1. I would suggest u an fx 8350 cpu
    Reasons can outperform a 3320p
    2. Eight core advantage

    U must be reading that people say that "theres no need for eight core there is no game foreseable future that could even utilize 4 cores at their full potential"
    This statement is UNTRUE

    Even present games like crysis 3 utilizes full 6 cores of phenom ll 1090t so u ll need a eight core for future proofing
    This is the reason that future consoles like xbox1 and ps4 wuold be having 8 core

    And it will increase much more than athlon u have
  2. the i5-3550p will gain standing on games with lower threads(most current games) and console ports due to primarily being optimized with 3 or fewer cores(due to consoles core count) because intel's processors have a stronger single core strength.

    the 8320 will have the advantage of being able to overclock and be ready for future threaded games that ship out once the new consoles are out. few current games like Crysis 3 and the upcoming Battlefield 4 are already confirmed to be well multithreaded games and makes the 8320/8350 a great contender for performance/$, but it lacks in performance on current generation games due to a weaker integer core.
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    Here is the chart for reference:

    Overall FX-8320 > i5-4670K but Intel has better CPU efficiency so in some games which don't require more than 4 threads Intel beats, however as future gen games using more threads like Crysis 3, BF4 esp in multiplayer mode or GTA V, AMD heta-core FX-8320 beats, economically (relatively cheaper) and potientially (Fx-8320 can be OC'ed easily and that add scores on it)
  4. With current games, the Intel will come out ahead, and, unless things change radically, it will continue to do so. I will caution you against buying a chip with a locked multiplier for a gaming build, even if it is a bit cheaper.

    As for the Athlon X4:
  5. Okay well to put things better into perspective, I wanna put Metro: Last Light on high, possibly max graphics.
    Which of the two processors is more capable of attaining that goal?
  6. I will suggest 8320
  7. I'd vote for the 8320 as well if that's what the budget allows. Given that C3 is being held up as well-threaded, and assuming the 8320/3350p difference is similar to the 8350/3470 spread in the following chart, the 8320 should be on par with the 3350p for a little cheaper.
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