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hello. I'm repeatedly getting CPU Fan Error, and quite confused by it.
I'm using a Phanteks UFB CPU cooler, which has 2 fans? to it. My case has 1 fan.
There are no dusts on them, they are also running very fine.
I ignore this error everytime by just pressing F1 and exiting without changes,
but this is fairly annoying to do every single time.

Right now, my bios says that 3 coolers are running
(CPU fan, Chassis Fan 1, Chassis Fan 4)

Would it be normal to have CPU fan, CPU_OPT and Chassis fan 1 running? maybe that's causing the CPU fan error.

My chassis fan 1 RPM is also below the minimum threshold and showing red bar on start-up (its around 550 rpm), if that has anything related with this error. The RPM returns to normal after i finish booting though (returns to 800+ rpm)
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    If you are only getting that error on start up (not when using the restart function in windows), it is because the fans on the Phantek are not getting to speed in the time the CPU expects it. The system fan headers are completely ignored for CPU fan error. I had that issue with one of my PWM water pumps, surprisingly (to me anyway) I have not had that issue at all since replacing my PSU for a very high quality one (I wouldn't have thought...).

    I'm not saying here that replacing your PSU is the thing to do... it may not be related. It was just one of those things you tend to notice since no other changes were made to the system at that time
  2. BIOS cannot recognize the CPU cooler since you are not using the stock cooler, so you have to press F1 every time. In BIOS there is an option asking whether or not to alert you if the fan is running slow. If you are sure your fan is fine, disable this feature. Look through the BIOS for this option.
  3. lonewolf7 said:
    BIOS cannot recognize the CPU cooler since you are not using the stock cooler, ...

    Has nothing to do with stock or non-stock cooler since there are no modules in/on the cooler or fan to report make/model etc... only power, a tach wire and a PWM (speed controller)
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