Is Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970s Ghz Edition Good Enough?

I'm just wondering cause IInuyasha74 Told me to get Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition is the better than the AMD Radeon HD 7990 right now and i'm just wondering is it the best right now (From AMD)?I'm not doubting him just wanna see what other pros say about it.I'm gonna playing games like Battlefield 4,Battlefield 3,Far Cry Series,Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon,Hitman Series,Assasins Creed Series,Medal Of Honor Series,Resident Evil Series,The Elder ScrollS Series,League Of Legends,Dota 2,Batman Trilogy,Grand Theft Auto Series,Dungeon Seige Series,Fallout Series,Lost Planet Series,Arma Trilogy,Minecraft,Mirrors Edge,Red Dead Redeption,L.A Noire,Team Fortress 2,Left 4 Dead,Left 4 Dead 2,And other big AAA Games (Sorry for the long list).All of those games and other big AAA Games i wanna play on ultra Settings on 2560x1440 Resolution so are Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition good for all that and all will it be good for future AAA Games like Battlefield 4,Assasin Creed 4,Grand Theft Auto V,And other AAA games.Also yes i know some of those games don't have specs yet.Also for the CPU i'm probably gonna get a AMD FX 8350 Overclocked to 5Ghz or 5.3Ghz.If someone can tell me if Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition And a AMD FX 8350 (Overclocked to 5Ghz or 5.3Ghz) Good enough for all that or should i wait for the new AMD CPUs and overclock that to 5Ghz or 6Ghz?
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  1. Unless you want to 4 7970's then yes
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    I actually did just this. Decided to pick up 2 7970's ghz editions and xfire them over a 7990. Trying to keep my temps undercontrol right now but it's tough on air. But I'm thoroughly impressed.
  3. two 7970's are better than a single 7990 since the cores in the 7990 are down clocked to fit into a tighter thermal envelope of the smaller heatsink.
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