AMD-6800k or FX-8320?

Hey all, I'm trying to make a budget gaming machine but i'm not sure what processor i should get. They're based around the same price where i live in Canada. I play games, or want to play games like Max Payne 3, and Skyrim, and i'm really anticipating The Elder Scrolls Online.

On another note,
For the 6800k i was going to get the MSI A85XA-G65 Mobo
And the FX-8320 i was going to get the Asus M5A99X EVO.

So, With your help, what processor do you think would better suit my needs?
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  1. 8320 all the way, its like youre comparing a car to an aeroplane lol
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    The 6800k is a good processor for a basic PC, it's onboard graphics are good enough for light games, youtube, facebook, etc. Anything else you need a dedicated GPU and at that point, the 8320 will kill it in every benchmark out there.

    I use the AMD APU's for basic PC's for people that surf, older people, etc when I build PC's in my business. For a gamer, I would never use one.
  3. Depends on the amount of money you are allotting yourself for your rig. With the FX-8320, it will be better overall, and more "future-proof" but you'll have to throw down extra money for a dedicated GPU.

    If you're willing to wait a little bit to get the extra money for the GPU, I would say the FX-8320.
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