Overclocking advice/guides for the GTX 650 ti Boost?

I'm interested on getting even more power from my gpu, but to my shame I have still to find an overclocking guide on that model. It'd be my first time overclocking a gpu but I have some OC experience from my previous cpu, plus I handle myself comfortably with computers and configuring stuff.

I have MSI afterburner installed, and I'm fairly certain my power supply's up to the task, as I've got a (rather overkill) Corsair AX850.

Any help would be amply appreciated.
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    overclocking gpus are generally easy:

    1. think of a desired mem clock/core clock you want
    2. bench using a benching program
    3. if crash, increase voltage repeat 2 if temps are okay
    3a. if the temps are too high, decrease your desired mem/core clocks and lower voltage by a bit
    3b. if temperatures are fine, and its stable, then there you go

    if you want to know HWBots average overclock on air its:

    1208/1611MHz where 1072/1502MHz is the stock clock
  2. So, an Internet search yielded many results for gpu benchmarking software and mixed opinions on about all of them. Considering that I won't be doing any high level overclocking, what benchmark program would you recommend?

    I do have a rather crude benchmark system however. A poorly optimized game that runs its main menu at 1800-ish fps and 85+% gpu load. As my gpu wouldn't get hotter than 70ºC and no gameplay so far had such gpu load, I think that's a good temperature.

    I would still prefer a more... professional approach to benchmarking though.
  3. a typical benchmarking tool will be

    Unigine Heaven 4.0
    Unigine Valley 1.0
    Furmarak GPU Stress Test

    generally its best to test bench on max settings(highest resolution, usually 1080p on extreme settings 8x AA even though most people dont use 8x AA)

    edit: note that this tests extreme loads and what happens in these benches are typically not the load you see in real games, its testing at max stress generally.
  4. Many thanks, I shall proceed that way then. A couple last questions (yeah, I'm that annoying):
    I assumed yes, but I'm to change the core/memory clocks with MSI Afterburner, right? And
    Just out of curiosity, I suppose I'll find out in the process otherwise, there will be lots of reboots involved? (as there is with cpu overclocking)
  5. yes, when the computer crashes during stress testing, it will BSOD and reboot computer. and yes, you are supposed to use MSI afterburner or similar tool to set clocks
  6. I'm overclocking my 650 Ti BOOST right now as well, using Heaven 4.0, and it's turning out nicely. So far I pushed the power target to 110%, boosted the clock offset +60Mhz and the mem clock +160, and it's still running cool at less than 70 degrees on extreme Heaven 4 (I'm using EVGA Precision X).

    Just to clarify a point, I've never had my computer crash and reboot due to over stressing the GPU on a benchmark (Heaven, Kombuster, etc). On Heaven 4.0, for instance, if you push it too far, the program will crash, but your computer will not crash and reboot. So hopefully that will relieve some fears about going through that every time.
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